The Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail Isn’t Only for Biking

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The name of the Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail is quite misleading and you may be missing out on a really nice hike.

We always go to the Visitor’s Center before hiking to see if there is a new trail to explore.  This time, instead of grabbing a map to choose, we asked one of the park rangers and she suggested the Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail.  We took her advice and headed to the trail head which was located at campsite A.  What’s great about campsite A is that there is a clean bathroom and lots of parking.

Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail has three different options.  A three, four, or five mile ride/hike and the difficulty increases with each mile added.  Along the trail, fossils are visible in the exposed creek bed.  As a hiker, we were able to stop and admire the fossils.  A great hike= a great day!


After the hike we decided to head over to the dam to rest a bit before heading to lunch.

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