Discovering Fayetteville – Mt. Sequoyah Woods Trail

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I’ve lived in Fayetteville and explored the Northwest Arkansas region for over 20 years. Amazingly, I can still discover hidden gems in my hometown that surprise and delight. Last weekend, I discovered for the very first time the Mt. Sequoyah Woods Trail.

What started as a simple stroll around the streets and sidewalks of the Cliffs Apartments turned into so much more when we happened upon the trailhead off Happy Hollow Road. Not quite prepared for a full-on nature hike, we found the unexpected availability of a trail winding before us irresistible.

The well-groomed trail led to a small picnic pavilion perfect for spending a quiet afternoon with a small group of friends. We ventured further into the woods and as the trail closed in around us with tall grasses and low-hanging limbs we quickly wished we had planned better for the hike. A quick spray of Deep Woods Off is a minimum requirement for this trail as the many small bugs climbing through our shoes proved.

Despite that minor challenge, we enjoyed every minute of our quick trip into nature. We discovered rockfalls, a number of turtles and even a small family of deer.


AR, hiking, Fayetteville, Mt Sequoyah

AR, hiking, Mt Sequoyah, Fayetteville


AR, Hiking, Fayetteville, Mt Sequoyah        AR, Fayetteville, hiking, Mt. Sequoyah

We walked only a small part of the trail and still spent a solid hour out in the woods. We returned home dirty and sweaty but already planning our next venture out the back door and into the wild woods of Fayetteville.

Summer View at the Top of Mt Sequoyah

I went to the top of Mt Sequoyah in Fayetteville, AR for the first time and it was the perfect day to go!  The weather was in the low 80′s and the skies were as clear as they could be and oh so blue.  The view took my breath away!

For more info on Mt. Sequoyah check out

Pigeon Roost Trail- the long loop

I’ve hiked Pigeon Roost Trail a few times, but I had always hiked the shorter of the 2 trails.. the 4 mile trail.  On the day I had nowhere to be at any specific time, so we decided to go for a hike on the longer Pigeon Roost Trail…the 8.5 mile trail.


The trail is a moderate to strenuous trail.  The 4 mile trail is moderate and the further you go you will hit the more strenuous sections.  It is indeed a workout!  The nice thing about the trail is that a majority of it is shaded and much cooler than the city.  There is also a nice bench overlooking the lake which is a great place to have lunch and fuel up before the big hike begins.

We had only brought 3 bottles of water which was not enough.  I suggest that during the hot months of summer, 2-3 bottles of water per person.  By the time we were done, we were out of water and extremely parched.  Our first stop after the hike was a small grocery store to buy water and an ice cold fountain drink.  Both were sucked dry within minutes!

We definitely  got a great workout while enjoying the beautiful nature that Arkansas is known for.  It was a great day off to connect and reflect.

For more info and directions:  Arkansas State Parks

The Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail Isn’t Only for Biking

The name of the Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail is quite misleading and you may be missing out on a really nice hike.

We always go to the Visitor’s Center before hiking to see if there is a new trail to explore.  This time, instead of grabbing a map to choose, we asked one of the park rangers and she suggested the Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail.  We took her advice and headed to the trail head which was located at campsite A.  What’s great about campsite A is that there is a clean bathroom and lots of parking.

Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail has three different options.  A three, four, or five mile ride/hike and the difficulty increases with each mile added.  Along the trail, fossils are visible in the exposed creek bed.  As a hiker, we were able to stop and admire the fossils.  A great hike= a great day!


After the hike we decided to head over to the dam to rest a bit before heading to lunch.

For more information about Fossil Flats, check out

An Excellent Day for a Hike



The weather in North West Arkansas has been pretty amazing lately.  Not too hot, sunny in the am, cloudy in the afternoon with a nice breeze to unwind the day.  Although the grass, hickory/pecan and walnut pollen count has been pretty high, suffering has been manageable with the right allergy meds.

Mother’s Day was an excellent day for a hike at Devil’s Den State Park.  They day was pretty perfect minus that fact that I wasn’t with my girls.  That was pretty hard.

We hiked the Yellow Rock Trail which is a 3 mile hike that wasn’t difficult and had an amazing view of the Lee Creek Valley.

There were a lot of places to take great photos.  Really cool rock formations and beautiful scenery.

For more info on Yellow Rock Trail… Arkansas State Parks