Making My Unforgettable Life – Reflections on Turning 37

I turned 37 today and I don’t feel a day over 27.  Well…most days.

Not sure where the time went, but so much has happened to me over the past 10 years and so much has happend in the past year…some good,  some bad.

Over the past year, I moved to 2 different states, was promoted to a VP position at my job that I’ve been with for 2 years, went to about 10 blogging conferences (maybe more), bought a Gucci Fiat, made some really amazing friends, met a few celebrities, was on a Lifetime television show called The Balancing Act, fell out of love and into love, started hiking, started painting, and so much more.  It really has been a whirlwind  of a year, but I’ll take it.

I’ve had days when I don’t think I could be more stressed out and I have days when I’m on top of the world.  I also have days where I am content in the decisions I have made and days where I question myself.

All in all, I am happy I am healthy and the loved ones in my life are all fairing nicely as well.

I’m excited for what 37 is going to bring into my life and I’m excited about the things I would like to accomplish in this new birth year.

Life is what you make it and I plan on making mine unforgettable.

Hasta la vista 36, Hola 37!

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