Strengthening My Relationship With Him

My life has been pretty tough lately.  The recent cancer scare basically jolted me into realizing that my support system, although eye opening, lacks a key piece and even though I had been reaching out more than ever lately, my relationship with him was frail.

Nine years ago I attended a bible study class called  Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) while living in San Diego.  I had been invited by my best friend Lisa, who attended with her mother and a few other close friends.  This was a blessing.  I had struggled with finding myself , was at the age that I felt I was ready to get married and settle down and had just moved back into the area from Orange County.  I needed some serious grounding, friendship and uplifting.  BSF brought me all of that and then some.

I made a close connection with my friend Lisa and felt welcome, open arms all around me.  Then I got married, got pregnant and moved about an hour outside of San Diego.  I could no longer attend the BSF classes in Escondido.

After getting settled, I started attending BSF again with a girlfriend in Temecula.  Again, I felt fulfilled and spiritually nourished.

The last few months have tried my emotions as well as my overall spirit.  I have struggled with a multitude of different emotions and although I have support from friends, family and co-workers, I have lacked in my relationship with God.

I found a BSF class in my local area and decided to start the classes again.  In the past I attended with friends.  They have either invited me or I invited them.  We’d carpool together, sit together until it was time to break out into our respective groups and even have lunch together after class.

This time, I went alone and made a few new friends.  It was just as welcoming and warm here in Arkansas as it has been in the past while living in Southern California.  Just being there, listening to God’s word and sitting in a room filled with women all seeking the same thing…It felt amazing.

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