Earth Week

Last week was Earth Week 2013 and over at the Collective Bias offices, we celebrated with several different activities.  The interns put together fun challenges for us to earn points for prizes, scheduled a park clean-up and planned a tree planting ceremony celebrating Earth Day and the growth of Collective Bias.

One of the activities we did as a team was to go over to the local park and pick up trash.  We headed over to Phillips Park in Bentonville.  Unfortunately for us the park was almost spotless.  It was like pulling teeth to find garbage to pick up, but we did manage to find a few scraps and a few plastic drink tops.  Other than that…nothing.

It was such a gorgeous sunshine filled day!  My inner child was calling out, “Go, play, enjoy!”  A few of us jumped on the swings and enjoyed the warm sun and the refreshing breeze on our faces!

Monica enjoying a swing!


CB Clean-up Crew

Then we got the whole team to reach into the child inside and take a quick moment to play on the children’s play structure.  And they posed quite well for a group photo!

Happy Earth Week!

I Spent Saturday Morning Exploring the Bentonville Farmers Market

It was Saturday morning and I was ready to finally hit the Bentonville Farmers Market.  I’m ashamed to say that I had yet to explore the Farmers Market after living here already 5 months, but I am so glad I finally made it!

It has been pretty hot lately, so I decided to get up early and get to the Farmers Market before the heat of the day set in.  I grabbed a few shopping bags and headed out.  When I got there I was pleasantly surprised.  The entire Bentonville square was transformed.  There were booths lining the exterior of the square and some along the street.  There were booths “in” the square as well as bands and activities for kids and families.  I grabbed some info at the information booth and a map before shopping and learned that some of the vegetable and fruit vendors do not use pesticides and that all I had to do was ask and they would let me know.

The flowers were so fresh and vibrant!  They had a few vendors selling flowers, but this one was my favorite!  You could pick what you liked and they would make a beautiful arrangement to liven up any space!

I loved how this farmer filled up the back of his pickup and just backed right up to sell his corn!  People were lining up to buy and I’m guessing with the 4th coming up quick, it was for their backyard barbecue’s!

This booth had me at cheese!  So many varieties to choose from!  I picked up some feta that I intend on using on a Greek salad with the purple onions I picked up and pepper jack that I used on some grilled burgers that night.  Delish!

I also picked up green onions, small potatoes, a key lime chess pie, peaches, heirloom tomatoes, jalapeño goat cheese that I used in an omelet this morning and garlic and herb goat cheese (to die for) and some purple hull peas.

The local yoga studio, Yoga Story, was doing their morning yoga right there on the grass.  I’ve decided I need to check out their classes… they are located right in the square across from my office…there are no excuses!

Before we headed out we shelled our peas in in the pea shelling machine.  It was something I didn’t even know existed, so that was a treat!

That night for dinner we ate burgers with the pepper jack cheese and grilled purple onions we purchased at the Farmers Market.  Our side was potato salad made with the small purple and gold potatoes and purple onion.  Everything was so good!

Purple Potato Salad Recipe

Purple onion
Small purple and gold potatoes
Olive Oil Mayo
Salt and Pepper to taste

I didn’t measure anything, so you’ll just need to figure out how many people you are feeding and wing it:-)  I boiled the potatoes for 25 minutes. Cut them up into bite sized pieces and then added the mayo and chopped purple onion.  A added a lot of pepper and sea salt.  Best and easiest potato salad ever and boy was it pretty!

If you get a chance to visit the Bentonville Farmers Market, which I suggest you do, you will not be disappointed! You can see all of the photos I took in my Google + album (here).

You can follow them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here) and (here), check out their blog (here) and follow them on Pinterest (here).

There are also in the running for best Farmers Market… vote (here).  I did!

Disclosure:  This shop was compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and the Bentonville Farmers Market.  They gave me some money to purchase some items, but to be honest I ended up at the ATM twice because I found so much to buy!  All opinions are mine and are honest.



Tavola Trattoria

Down off the Bentonville Square, on S.E. A Street is Tavola Trattoria.  On my very first visit I got the sandwich and soup you see below.

I’ve been about 3 times since and always get the same meal because it is so good!

Not one bite left!