Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

Part of Discovering Arkansas means discovering things to do in my own backyard, so Saturday morning seemed like the perfect time and day to head over to the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks in Fayetteville, AR.


For residents, admission into the Botanical garden is FREE Saturday mornings from 9am-noon.  What a perfect way to start the day!





We saw beautiful flowers, lush gardens, fountains, goldfish, butterflies, bumble bees, dragonflies, sculptures, statues, lily pads, caterpillars and so much more! Botanical-Garden-Fayetteville




chicken-botanical-gardens For more information on hours, directions and admission fees check out the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks website (here).

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You Won’t Shoot Your Eye Out

Daisy, bb guns, air rifle, Collective Bias, Rogers, Arkansas

Until last week, anytime someone mentioned Daisy BB guns, I would hear every adult from Ralphie’s life saying in unison, “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

Daisy, founded in 1886, has called Rogers, Arkansas, it’s home since 1958. As part of a meeting between Daisy’s management team and Collective Bias, I had a unique opportunity to tour the company’s Northwest Arkansas warehouse and spend the afternoon shooting with some really fun air guns.

I’ve never been a gun enthusiast, although I’ve always loved shooting. I got a combination BB/pellet gun for Christmas one year and spent at least one afternoon during every visit to my Mamaw and Papaw’s house target shooting with their 22.

As an adult, I’m a strong believer in gun control and strict licensing, and I agree with hunting as a necessary means of animal population control. I tried hunting once or twice with my cousins but soon discovered I’d rather sleep late on a Saturday morning than be in the woods before the sun rose.

As I discovered last Friday, I still love the sport of shooting, and Daisy makes a wide range of products that parents can use to safely and will little intimidation introduce their kids to the activity. The company emphasizes safety at every step and provides a lot of education and training to its customers on proper gun handling techniques. Their products are not toys and should never be treated as such.

We started our day shooting targets in Daisy’s mobile target ranges. They have dozens of inflatable shooting ranges that they use to introduce kids and parents to shooting with low-powered air rifles like the iconic Red Ryder.

Daisy, bb guns, air rifle, Rogers, AR, Collective Bias

They also have a trailer they use to demo higher powered specialty rifles used by competitive shooting teams and military training groups across the country.

From there, we moved out behind the warehouse to fire a number of high-powered guns that Daisy is producing through a licensing agreement under the Winchester brand. They had everything from a semi-automatic handgun to a replica M-14 rifle.

Courtney, Daisy, BB Gun, Rogers, Arkansas, Collective Bias

These guns were fun! Our group spent the next hour shooting Shatter Blast targets set up in the grass. I could definitely see spending some quality afternoon with my kids teaching them how to shoot.

Daisy, bb guns, shatter blast, Collective Bias

Along the way we also learned some fun facts like how much a barrel of BBs weighs!

Daisy, bb guns, Rogers, Arkansas, Collective Bias

Daisy, bb guns, Rogers, Arkansas, Collective Bias

You can read more about the trip from Joan Cook on the Collective Bias blog.

I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this iconic local company and look forward to working with them soon.

Disclosure: Daisy is a prospective client of Collective Bias. I received no compensation to write this post, and all opinions are my own.

Lunch Stop at Stoby’s

Long story short…my flight was cancelled on my way back from Florida because of storms in Charlotte.  Flights into Bentonville booked up in seconds and the only flight to Bentonville was not until Sunday.  There was no way I was going to stay in Charlotte all weekend.

I ended up flying into Little Rock and stayed the night there.  I figured it would be an adventure since I had never stayed in Little Rock before.

After a long lazy morning I went searching for somewhere to eat.  My favorite way to find new restaurants is by searching using my Yelp iPhone app.  It has never let me down, ever.  It’s my favorite way to find non-chain restaurants and know what to order when I get there.

Stoby’s sounded good.  Reviewers raved about their cheese dip and the prices were very reasonable!  I ended up ordering the cheese dip of course and then a chicken salad.  I was satisfied when I left and would go back for sure!

The unique thing about Stoby’s is that it is part of it is made from an old train dining car and if you got with kids you have to let them pull the train whistle!  It is a real train whistle and is loud!

For more info and directions, check out their website:

The Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail Isn’t Only for Biking

The name of the Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail is quite misleading and you may be missing out on a really nice hike.

We always go to the Visitor’s Center before hiking to see if there is a new trail to explore.  This time, instead of grabbing a map to choose, we asked one of the park rangers and she suggested the Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail.  We took her advice and headed to the trail head which was located at campsite A.  What’s great about campsite A is that there is a clean bathroom and lots of parking.

Fossil Flats Mountain Bike Trail has three different options.  A three, four, or five mile ride/hike and the difficulty increases with each mile added.  Along the trail, fossils are visible in the exposed creek bed.  As a hiker, we were able to stop and admire the fossils.  A great hike= a great day!


After the hike we decided to head over to the dam to rest a bit before heading to lunch.

For more information about Fossil Flats, check out

Colbie Caillat Visits The Arkansas Music Pavillion

Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw will be at the Arkansas Music Pavillion on June 17, 2012 and I’m going!

I’m so excited to be attending the concert beacuse I’m a HUGE fan of Colbie’s!

I love Brighter Than the Sun, I Do, I Never Told You, Fallin’ For You, Fearless, You Got Me, I Won’t  and of course Bubbly which is my favorite thing to sing on the Wii Karaoke game!

Need tickets?  Go here: Colbie and Gavin

Check out all her Tour Dates and listen to her music here:

Spring Has Sprung in Arkansas

I went out to search for spring today using my eyes to guide me and frame my photos and my lens to capture the brilliance I was seeing in my surroundings.  The hot pink of the flowers popped against the blue sky.  I soaked up the pink that screams spring is hear!

The little yellow daises  made summer feel oh so near.

The yellow and white of the daffodil screamed spring and smelled amazing!  They are everywhere here in north west Arkansas!

Photos were taken on the Bentonville Square and on the Crystal Bridges trail.