Pigeon Roost Trail- the long loop

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I’ve hiked Pigeon Roost Trail a few times, but I had always hiked the shorter of the 2 trails.. the 4 mile trail.  On the day I had nowhere to be at any specific time, so we decided to go for a hike on the longer Pigeon Roost Trail…the 8.5 mile trail.


The trail is a moderate to strenuous trail.  The 4 mile trail is moderate and the further you go you will hit the more strenuous sections.  It is indeed a workout!  The nice thing about the trail is that a majority of it is shaded and much cooler than the city.  There is also a nice bench overlooking the lake which is a great place to have lunch and fuel up before the big hike begins.

We had only brought 3 bottles of water which was not enough.  I suggest that during the hot months of summer, 2-3 bottles of water per person.  By the time we were done, we were out of water and extremely parched.  Our first stop after the hike was a small grocery store to buy water and an ice cold fountain drink.  Both were sucked dry within minutes!

We definitely  got a great workout while enjoying the beautiful nature that Arkansas is known for.  It was a great day off to connect and reflect.

For more info and directions:  Arkansas State Parks


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