New Orleans, Boobs and Lima Beans

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I just got back from New Orleans after attending the Niche Mommy Conference.  It was a great conference held at The Roosevelt, where I met amazing women and ate delicious, authentic Louisiana food.  Most of the cuisine I tasted was food that I had never tasted before.  It was an all around great experience!

We escaped hurricane Isaac which I am grateful for.  I was so scared I would be stuck in New Orleans, in a hotel and that was not a pleasant thought.  Even though the Roosevelt was big and beautiful, I wanted to get home and sleep in my own bed.

I got home Sunday night after a long day of flying  and Monday morning woke up feeling miserable.  My body ached, my throat was on fire and I felt feverish.  Since I now go to the office every day, I called in sick deciding it would be better for me to stay in my pj’s and work from home.

I was on a call with my co-worker Randi who is also one of my dearest friends when I found the lump.  I am one to never sit around in pj’s, ever.  I get home from work and usually stay in my work clothes until it’s time to go to bed and on the weekends, I’m up and dressed every day.  I’m always wearing a bra, whether it’s underwire or sports.

That was why, when I felt my boob, I actually felt it and found a lump the size of a lima bean.

I immediately hung up with Randi and called the gynecologist’s office.  I had an appointment scheduled for September 13, but knew there was no way I could sanely wait until that appointment.  My nerves are already frazzled from the divorce, so this finding was the icing on the cake…this could push me over the edge.

The gynecologist’s office got me an appointment for Wednesday of the same week.  BTW, I must admit (hanging head low)  that it has been since March of 2010 since I’ve been to see a gynecologist and I NEVER do self breast exams.

After shedding a few tears while discussing my past with the ever so warm and friendly nurse, she left the room to allow me to undress.  The doctor came in and it was the first time meeting her.  I felt instant comfort by her professional yet warm nature and it was time to let her confirm or squash my findings.

She felt the lump right away and described it as being the size of a lima bean.  I was hoping I was incorrect in my findings, as anyone would be, but I also felt slightly comforted that I did in fact find something wrong with my body myself ,and that I found it NOW rather than when I ever got to the gynecologist’s office because my past record has been rather poor.

Today I go to get an ultrasound and a mammogram to find out what this lump is growing inside of my body.  My nerves and stress level are through the roof.  My life is flashing before my eyes…the good, the bad and the ugly.  I am thinking about what I should be doing, could be doing and what I should stop doing.  Everything is spinning through my head at what feels like warp speed, yet time seems to be moving at a snail’s pace.


  1. Same situation happened to me about 4 years ago. I found a huge lump (and wondered why I didn’t notice it sooner) under my right breast and immediately panic set in. I went to the doctor and she basically said I needed to go right up to see the surgeon. Crap… that was scary. He scheduled a lumpectomy to remove it and then sent it to the lab for testing. That was the longest few days of my life. But… it turned out to be benign, thank God.

    Obviously, your body was sending you a signal to get this taken care of. Hopefully it is nothing, but also hoping that if it happens to turn out as something… you caught it early.

  2. Hugs and prayers, sweetie!!

  3. Court,
    You are an amazingly grounded and giving woman! I am in awe the way that you share your rawest moments with others – knowing that you are helping someone else find the strength to reach out for help or support or even just to know they aren’t alone. You are one strong cookie!

    We love you much and are sending you warm thoughts!!!

  4. Sending you big hugs!! I can imagine how frightening this must be. I am so glad that you found it when you did and took immediate action. I will be sending you good vibes. xoxo!

  5. Courtney, just know that you are not alone…. I’m sending hugs and lots of positive vibes your way.

  6. Praying for good results and a calm demeanor. I can only imagine the stress and worry you are under. Sending lots of virtual love and will be watching and waiting for updates! <3

  7. Oh Courtney, I can not even imagine what you are going through, as you know I am barely making it back to the SM world, and hadn’t even realized you had a new blog *face palm for being a crappy friend*

    You are definitely in my prayers, and know that I am always here ;)

  8. My 35 year old Sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer ealreir this year and just underwent her first radiation treatment a few months ago. Luckfully, they caught it early and surgically removed what could be found.She is my TRUE Warrior in Pink and I would be giving them to her.Thank you Quirky Fusion and Ford Cares! Keep spreading the word!!Many Thanks, Jes


  1. [...] to make.  Do you know I didn’t know how to spell the word “mammogram” until I found the lump in my breast.    I guess it’s because I have never had one and have never had to type the word [...]

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