Lunch Stop at Stoby’s

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Long story short…my flight was cancelled on my way back from Florida because of storms in Charlotte.  Flights into Bentonville booked up in seconds and the only flight to Bentonville was not until Sunday.  There was no way I was going to stay in Charlotte all weekend.

I ended up flying into Little Rock and stayed the night there.  I figured it would be an adventure since I had never stayed in Little Rock before.

After a long lazy morning I went searching for somewhere to eat.  My favorite way to find new restaurants is by searching using my Yelp iPhone app.  It has never let me down, ever.  It’s my favorite way to find non-chain restaurants and know what to order when I get there.

Stoby’s sounded good.  Reviewers raved about their cheese dip and the prices were very reasonable!  I ended up ordering the cheese dip of course and then a chicken salad.  I was satisfied when I left and would go back for sure!

The unique thing about Stoby’s is that it is part of it is made from an old train dining car and if you got with kids you have to let them pull the train whistle!  It is a real train whistle and is loud!

For more info and directions, check out their website:


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