Kale Caprese Salad

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We are always trying to come up with different types of salad recipes.  We love to go to the Farmer’s Market in Saturday morning and pick up local fruits and vegetables.

This weekend we picked up some basil, kale, green onion, heirloom tomatoes, peaches, broccolini, strawberry jam, red/yellow/green peppers and some really pretty succulents.


Kale Caprese Salad Recipe


Heirloom Tomatoes
Green Onion
Mozzarella Cheese
Olive Oil
Balsamic vinegar

After washing and cutting the kale, we drizzled a few teaspoons of olive oil over the leaves.  Then we chopped up the green onion and placed on greens.  Then we sliced the tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and placed them on top of the salad.  We then tore pieces of basil and placed on top.  We finished the salad with balsamic vinegar.  All of the flavors worked very well together!

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