Eyes Wide Open

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I’ve been through a lot in the past 20 years that only a handful of people know about.  I have shed quite a few tears, I have held in fear and anger, I have shut myself off from the rest of the world  unable to leave my home.  Basically, I have dealt with major issues in unhealthy ways and without the support I so desperately needed.

This past cancer scare opened my eyes to a support system I never knew existed and to one that powerfully uplifted me in ways I have never experienced, ever.  Don’t get me wrong, I have some of the most amazing friends that will jump on the next plane to Arkansas if I need them.  These friends will and have been by my side through the tough times without judgement or critisim.  They are true friends.

I discovered that by opening up and publicly sharing something so deeply personal that a support system that I didn’t even know existed came out of the woodwork.  I got text messages, phone calls, tweets, Facebook messages, Skype messages, emails and even flowers from my online community.  I went from knowing I had a few close friends to knowing I have an online community of hundreds who were sending me well wishes when I went for my biopsy and prayers for benign results.  I even learned of others that had or were currently going through the same thing. Others decided they needed to get their breasts checked out as a result of my openness.

Ted Rubin shared this quote in a comment that was all too perfect:

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” ~Jane Howard

Knowing what I know now has made the realization all too clear that in order to get through life’s troubling times I should share my experiences with others.




  1. I still get tears when I see that status! I am so thrilled!

    And when I first started sharing personal stories I was scared but found that there were others who needed to read what I had to say. I LOVE my online friends and supporters! Again… just wanted to say, “Yay!” :)

  2. You should always open up Courtney. You are a beautiful person and we want to share in your life! I was so happy to hear/read that everything turned out like this! I just KNEW it would! I’ve been sending sparkles of course. See you in a week! YAY on both counts. Relax this weekend, you deserve it!

  3. I experienced this very same thing when Will was in ICU for two weeks in June. I was humbled and in awe…. I still am.

  4. It is so hard to open up about things so personal such as this. I am/have been going through the same thing for about a year! I went in for a lump in the left side, and they found a lump in the right side!!! I look at that as pure luck. I handled the news well but the reality of what this really meant hit me sitting their in the waiting room in the hospital gown. I’m now on mammo #3 and we’re following the progression/lack of. Thank you for sharing, and yes, you are loved. :)

  5. So happy to see your results…what a relief! (I am about to leave for my 2nd mammo here in a few minutes!) Hope to have a few more answers by the time I leave).

  6. What awesome news … I’m celebrating with you!

  7. I am so happy to see this news, Courtney! You sharing helps yourself and so many others…so glad you did!

  8. I just let out a huge sigh of relief for you. So happy for your good news, and it makes me remember to “feel myself up” more often.

  9. Best wishes!Your blog is very good!


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