Do I Care What Guys Think About My Lipstick?

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Do I care what guys think about my lipstick?  Not really. I wear lipstick when I want to and when I don’t, I don’t.  I go with my personal preference.  I pick colors that I think look good and I usually stick with one lipstick for a long period of time.


I purchased a bold, bright red lipstick on my last trip to London that tastes like cherry and stays on my lips all day long.  I’ve gone boating, swimming, hiking, out to dinner, enjoyed a frozen yogurt all while wearing my favorite lipstick called Alarm by Rimmel London.  No one can believe how long it lasts and I get compliments every time I wear it.  I bought two tubes of Alarm while in London for fear I wouldn’t find it in the states.  Luckily, I checked to see if Walgreens carried it and sure enough, they did… so I can breath a sigh of relief.

Alarm by Rimmel

 I love my  Rimmel lipstick, but I was intrigued by a Huffington Post article today,  “Here’s What Guys Actually Think About Lipstick”.  I work with men in a professional environment and am married to a man, so I wanted to gain some insights into their thoughts about lipstick.

It looks like men like lipstick on a woman, as long as it’s the right color and looks attractive.  Some like a more natural look…


photo: Huffington Post

Some like a bold red lip…

red lipstick

photo: Huffington Post

My conclusion…

I’m going to continue to  wear my red Alarm lipstick with confidence and enjoy every minute of it!

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