Discovering Fayetteville – Mt. Sequoyah Woods Trail

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AR, Fayettevill, hiking

I’ve lived in Fayetteville and explored the Northwest Arkansas region for over 20 years. Amazingly, I can still discover hidden gems in my hometown that surprise and delight. Last weekend, I discovered for the very first time the Mt. Sequoyah Woods Trail.

What started as a simple stroll around the streets and sidewalks of the Cliffs Apartments turned into so much more when we happened upon the trailhead off Happy Hollow Road. Not quite prepared for a full-on nature hike, we found the unexpected availability of a trail winding before us irresistible.

The well-groomed trail led to a small picnic pavilion perfect for spending a quiet afternoon with a small group of friends. We ventured further into the woods and as the trail closed in around us with tall grasses and low-hanging limbs we quickly wished we had planned better for the hike. A quick spray of Deep Woods Off is a minimum requirement for this trail as the many small bugs climbing through our shoes proved.

Despite that minor challenge, we enjoyed every minute of our quick trip into nature. We discovered rockfalls, a number of turtles and even a small family of deer.


AR, hiking, Fayetteville, Mt Sequoyah

AR, hiking, Mt Sequoyah, Fayetteville


AR, Hiking, Fayetteville, Mt Sequoyah        AR, Fayetteville, hiking, Mt. Sequoyah

We walked only a small part of the trail and still spent a solid hour out in the woods. We returned home dirty and sweaty but already planning our next venture out the back door and into the wild woods of Fayetteville.

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